Adult and Continuing Education Division Records Poor Maths and English CSEC Pass Rates


Persons enrolled with the Adult and Continuing Education Division had a poor pass rate for Maths and English at the last sitting of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), which has resulted in some changes taking place.

In an interview with SVG-TV News on Monday, Exams Officer with the Adult and Continuing Education Division, Kenlyn Butler said 476 persons signed up for CSEC last year with the division and while many dropped out, they still had about 75% failure.

Butler said the business subject areas had an overall excellent pass rate and that theatre arts, which was a new subject introduced last year, had 100% passes.

Some of the new changes instituted to improve the pass rate, include an end to registration for persons who usually sign up for September to January.

In addition, Butler said teachers will now assess persons at the beginning of every school year to determine their level of competence for the two subject areas, Maths and English, they are hoping to improve upon in terms of the pass rate.

Meanwhile, Butler is encouraging adults to take advantage of their free CXC classes. She said one person who took advantage of the opportunity was a ninety year old but unfortunately, she passed away before writing the exams. She also noted that the government also subsidizes CSEC exam fees.

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