Arhnim Eustace Hits Back At Sir James


Former leader of the New Democratic Party, Arnhim Eustace has responded to Sir James Mitchell’s statements in which he said that Eustace was his biggest mistake.

Sir James made the comment on Boom FM last week Tuesday and carried in last Friday’s edition of the News newspaper.

Yesterday Eustace, appearing on Nice Radio, described the former prime minister’s statement as venomous, bearing in mind that Sir James had applauded him for his contributions to the country as Minister of Finance in the Mitchell administration.

Eustace who read a letter which he had written to Sir James said things got ugly when he decided to cut Mitchell’s pay.

Eustace applauded Sir James for taking responsibility for the so called error he made by apologizing to the Vincentian people.

He pointed to four areas where he has done differently from Sir James Mitchell of which he is proud.

Eustace resigned as leader of the NDP two years ago, making way for Dr. Godwin Friday

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