Suspended Officer Charged


The police have charged another man in connection with last Saturday’s robbery of medical doctor Twana Browne-Caesar.

Suspended police officer Ettien Charles, 34 years of Sion Hill was the fourth person to be charged in connection with the incident which occurred at Cedars last Saturday night.

Three other persons, Elroy Rogers, 26 of New Montrose; Ulric Hanson ,a 27 year old labourer of Sion Hill; and 29 year old Rocuan Robinson, a mechanic of Sion Hill were previously charged in connection with the same incident.

Browne-Caesar was robbed of items worth $10-thousand 350 dollars.

The four men were also charged with robbing a business woman of Villa of a cash machine and money.

Additionally, they have been charged with the unlawful and malicious wounding of a 47-year old labourer of Brighton by striking him on the head with a gun at around 9-o clock  last week Friday night.

In other police news, Orian Charles, a 24 year old labourer of Hamilton, Bequia, was arrested and charged with burglary.

The police say that Charles entered the home of a Bequia resident and stole two cell phones on Sunday 16th September at about 2:30 pm.

The police are also investigating an attempted robbery at McKies Hill at about 1:45 pm on Wednesday in which three masked men, armed with guns attempted to rob a McKies Hill business man.

They are asking anyone with information that will help with their investigations into this incident to contact the police.

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