Young Lawyer Identifies Need To Fix Problems In The Legal System


Work must be done to correct the problems of the local judicial system in order to build the public ‘s confidence in the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Lawyer Jemalie John, made this declaration as he took part in a panel discussion on whether it is time to say goodbye to the Privy Council and accede to CCJ in its appellate jurisdiction.

The discussion was hosted by the Caricom Youth Ambassadors SVG, Wednesday evening and saw young, legal professionals sharing their thoughts and positions as they answered questions relating to the CCJ.

John said while the CCJ is a better choice compared to the Privy Council, there are segments of the population who fear change. He said this fear stems from the problems in the current legal system.

John said it is also important for law makers to produce quality laws which would allow the judiciary to play its role effectively.

The young lawyer however said that the rulings of the CCJ have so far has been sound and this is a good indication of the professionalism of the jurists in the court.

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