DRP On Buggery Laws


DRP Leader, Anesia Baptiste says she strongly supports maintaining the buggery laws.

Baptiste told SVG-TV News that the buggery laws must remain intact as they serve to protect the public health.

Recently Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves made a call for the churches to take the lead on discussions relating to the same sex lifestyle noting that politicians are not the best placed to begin such a discussion.

Baptiste said that both the church and the law makers have a role to play in giving the nation direction on such matters; however, laws on buggery have a purpose.

Baptiste said the act of buggery is unnatural, as it does not facilitate procreation and the maintaining of the family.

She said this is one reason why it is important for a government to maintain these laws.

Baptist who holds a degree in law, said the LGBT community considers buggery laws a mechanism which prevent them from enjoying their legal rights and freedoms.

She however believes this to be false

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