Treat Pitbulls With Love


Pitbulls must be treated with love in order to prevent the creation of monsters.

So says veterinarian, Dr. Collin Boyle as he spoke with SVG-TV News in relation to the pitbull and some of the misconceptions surrounding this particular breed of dog.

Dr. Boyle said although the dogs were bred to fight in pits against other dogs, they are generally docile creatures, adding that some of his best patients are pitbulls and advised against aggressive training

Dr. Boyle said given the crime situation many person want to keep a so called bad dog for protection with the pitbull being a popular choice.

The veterinarian said the use of aggression training constitutes torture and cruelty to animals.

Dr. Boyle advised persons to keep their pitbulls in a properly enclosed area and treat them with love.

Pitbulls have been known to attack persons here with at least one woman being mauled to death.

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