Sustainable Hunting Methods


Bradford Latham, the Forestry Officer responsible for law compliance, is encouraging hunters to use non injurious methods to catch wild life.

Latham said that the air rifle, blow pipe, sling shot, and the jeg are some of the tools preferred by hunters.

He said in some cases animals escape with injuries and die, while others are killed, but are unable to be harvested since they are not of the correct size.

Latham said this style of hunting is unsustainable

The hunting season for the Agouti, Manicou, Armadillo, and the Iguana opened on September 1st.

The law compliance officer however warned, that even during the hunting season, no hunting is permitted in the forest reserves and failure to comply would lead to legal action being taken, and the seizure of hunting equipment; as forest reserves are designed to allow the continued growth and development of the hunted species.

Latham said the use of chemicals to catch fish and other aquatic creatures is both illegal and unsustainable. He highlighted the use of baskets as a sustainable alternative fishing tool.

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