Police And Gordon Yard Accident


The police here have said that preliminary investigations into Sunday’s fatal accident at Gordon Yard revealed that the brakes of the vehicle in which the four were travelling failed, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Head of the Public Relations and Complaints Department, Inspector Junior Simmons, in an interview with SVG-TV News on Monday said that the vehicle landed almost 180 feet below the hill at an area  called chine-man corner.

Inspector Simmons said the two survivors are in a stable condition at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, while postmortem examinations are to be conducted on the bodies of the two occupants of the vehicle who died.

Meanwhile, Inspector Henry Providence of the RSVG Police Traffic Department, is encouraging motorists to ensure that their vehicles are in proper working conditions before travelling.

Inspector Providence’s comments follows Sunday’s accident at Gordon Yard that claimed the lives of two persons and left two injured. Brakes failure is considered to be the cause of the accident.

The police officer said drivers have a responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are road worthy.

He noted that the terrain on the leeward end of the island is quite hilly and this puts a strain on vehicles.

He recommended that persons check their vehicle braking systems especially before traveling to those areas.

Inspector Providence also recommended the use of compression to reduce the strain on brakes.

The veteran cop said driving experience is also key, and suggested that persons travel with drivers with good knowledge of the roads.

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