Progress Made Towards the Reopening of the Buccament Bay Resort


Progress is being made towards the reopening of the Buccament Bay Resort.

So said Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves who earlier on Tuesday met with potential investors Barry Ferdinand, Kelly Glass along with Jonathan Mills from Scotland and signed an agreement with the trustee in bankruptcy Brian Glasgow.

The agreement is seen as a step closer towards the reopening of the resort, however PM Gonsalves said the process is still complicated from a legal and practical sense.

PM Gonsalves said it is obvious that the facility will not be re-opened by December this year given the amount of work still needed to be done, however he is  happy that some progress is being made.

Meanwhile at media briefing Tuesday afternoon, the Prime Minister said further discussions are expected to take place on Friday and that he is hopeful that more progress can be made and that he is delighted that two of the three prospective investors are Vincentians.

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