Close To 50 Receive Government Scholarships And Bursaries For University Studies


Close to 50 graduates of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College are being provided with assistance from the government to pursue further studies at university.

A release from the office of the Prime Minister states that a record 47 graduates received national scholarships, exhibitions, and bursaries which will help fund their university studies in a number of academic disciplines.

The news release said the selection process was guided by the application of an objective point system which has been developed to address equivalency issues in an institution which has grown extensively over the last few years and delivers an array of subject offerings and specializations.

National scholarships cover tuition fees, books, incidentals, airfare and economic costs at the University of the West Indies only and also includes a stipend for living expenses as well as ground transportation.

Bursaries carry an annual value of 20-thousand dollars over a maximum of three years.

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