SVG Said To Be Making Steady Progress To Transform Its Energy Sector


This country is said to be making steady progress to transform its energy sector.

This from Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves as he spoke at a ceremony last Friday to officially re-open the south rivers hydro power plant following extensive refurbishment.

The St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) forked out some 20 million dollars to refurbish the South Rivers and Richmond Hydro Power Stations. Prime Minister Gonsalves said the work done would increase the energy output by 25 percent.

He said the hydro electric plants are a crucial part of this country’s electricity network in providing a clean renewable form of energy. The Prime Minister said the government is exploring other renewable energy options such as geothermal and solar.

The Prime Minister said the aim is to have at least 80 percent of energy produced from renewable sources.

The Prime Minister said it is important for islands like SVG to be mindful of their contribution to climate change and painted a stark reality of what life in SVG could be if the current climate change trends continue.

Meanwhile Chief Executive Officer of Vinlec, Thornley Mayers, said Vinlec will continue its efforts to invest in renewable energy.

He said currently, Vinlec and private citizens produce around 16-hundred kilowatts of energy from solar and this is continuing to grow.

The refurbished plants are expected to be produce more cost effective than their diesel counterparts.

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