Police Investigating Two Killings Last Friday


The police are probing two killings which occurred last Friday.

Just after 2:00 am, 30 year old Rodesha Bailey, a domestic, ran out of her house in Sayers, Marriaqua, screaming for help and collapsed several meters on the narrow path where she was found clutching a pipe on the road.

She reportedly had two stab wounds to the back of the neck, and to her abdomen.

Bailey, a mother of two, is said to have lived alone; she was described as an outgoing person.

Bailey’s family has since taken her personal items and locked the house. The police were in the area Friday morning, and are carrying out investigations.

There was also a killing on the road leading to Manning Village in Byera on Friday. Dead is Gregory Morris, a 56 year old laborer.

Police say Morris sustained multiple chop wounds about his body.

One person is in custody assisting the police with their investigations.

The two deaths bring the homicide count to 28 for this year.

The police force has made it clear that it does not condone any acts of criminality against the citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines or visitors, regardless to status in life, and is urging the public to be law abiding and to co-operate fully with the police in their investigations. Contact numbers are: 456-1339 or 458-4200.

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