Schools Are Not Holding Bays For Children


Schools are not holding bays for children, but active institutions for education and growth.

So says Minister of Education St. Clair Jimmy Prince at a ceremony at the Methodist Church Hall Tuesday morning, where the first batch of seven hundred and ninety-four students from primary, secondary and post secondary institutions received bursaries to help with their education.

Three hundred and forty-five primary students each received four hundred and fifty dollars while three hundred and thirty-eight secondary school students each received eight hundred dollars. At the post secondary level one hundred and eleven students received one thousand dollars each.

Minister Prince said that SVG continues to benefit its long friendship with Taiwan, which is seen in the country’s contribution in many areas of development in SVG. He said there is a wide range of educational opportunities opened up by Taiwan for students from primary school up to university.

Prince however states that while Taiwan continues to play a role in the educational development of the nation’s children, parents and teachers must do their best to ensure that all children reach their fullest potential.

Taiwan’s ambassador to SVG Calvin Ho says Taiwan is proud to continue to make significant investment in the children of SVG through the provision of educational bursaries and other initiatives. He said children are the hope of a nation and appeals for them to work hard to achieve great success.

Meanwhile chief education officer Beverly Neptune says Taiwan’s contribution to education in SVG is a tremendous one.

She also notes that through education children can lead productive lives in the future and thanked Taiwan for its continued investment in the children of SVG.

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