Sexual Offences Unit Launched


A Sexual Offences Unit was launched here on Wednesday by the Royal SVG Police Force.

The unit that is predominantly women is expected to see cases of rape, indecent assault and other sexual related cases solved in a timely manner.

With the increase in sexual offences in SVG, the police has set up a special unit to deal with sexual related cases. The unit is headed by assistant commissioner Richard Brown and seven support staff made up of six females and one male.

Police commissioner said that the sexual offences unit will hand all cases from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines even those that have not yet been solved.

Assistant Commissioner Richard Brown said that the idea was conceptualized in 2011, and it was due to the present commissioner’s support that it was realized.

Browne noted the timeliness of the implementation of the unit as they have notices that young girls under thirteen are being sexually assaulted.

According to the police commissioner, persons do not need to go down to the sexual offences unit to make a report but a report can be made at the nearest police station.

The police officers will then transfer the case to the  sexual offences unit.

The Sexual Offences Unit will be stationed at the Questelles Police Station. Person wishing to make a report can call 456-1750.

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