Scotia Bank Sale


The Commercial Technical & Allied Workers Union (CTAWU) – the trade union representing Scotia Bank workers in SVG – is taking a regional approach to address workers concerns with the bank management pending the sale of its operation in 9 Caribbean countries including SVG.

So says General Secretary of the CTAWU, Joseph “Burns” Bonadie, He said the Caribbean congress of labour has the full support of the unions representing Scotia Bank workers from across the region.

Bonadie said he has met with workers of Scotia Bank SVG and while they were told that none of the current employees will be affected by the pending sale of the bank’s operation here, they are still not sure what will happen.

The CTAWU General Secretary said some of concerns of the unions has to do with temporary staff and the relocation of staff to different territories

Scotia Bank’s management recently said in a statement that they will work with all regulators in each of the nine Caribbean countries to be affected by the sale to Republic Bank Holdings Limited to settle outstanding matters.

This process is likely to take up to six months.

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