Teachers Encouraged to Recommit Themselves


Minister of Education St. Clair Jimmy Prince is encouraging teachers to recommit themselves towards the educating of the nation’s youth.

The minister was at the time delivering remarks at the annual thanksgiving service hosted by the ministry at the New Testament Church of God at Wilson Hill, Yesterday.

Several education stakeholders were in attendance, with various church ministers offering up prayers for the ministry of education and its staff.

Minister Prince said the role of teachers is crucial to the future of the nation and that despite challenges it is important for teachers to continue to show their dedication to their students.

Minister Prince said its also important for educators to reflect on their past performance in order to improve.

Prince further stated that while teachers are focused on delivering quality education to their students, they must also ensure the development of positive attitudes.

The Education Minister also took the opportunity to commend the work of two stalwarts in the education sector.

Former Permanent Secretary Morine Williams and the Chief Education Officer Beverly Neptune who recently retired after many years of service.

The post of Permanent Secretary will be taken up Michael Burke, while Michelle Walker will carry out the duties of Chief Education Officer.

Minister Prince thanked the two retired educators for their contributions to the sector.

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