Prevention Is Key


Specialist in Infectious Diseases- Dr. Jose Davy is urging Vincentians to practice good personal hygiene in order to reduce the risk of transmission of influenza and other respiratory viruses.

Influenza or the flu is a contagious respiratory illness which affects thousands of people in the Caribbean each year. Typically, the flu season in the region occurs between September to march when there is usually an increase in the number of persons coming down with the flu in the northern hemisphere, with some persons having reportedly died in the region after contracting the flu.

However in an interview with SVG-TV News last Thursday, Dr. Davy said it is usually other complications and not the flu virus itself which causes death and highlighted those persons who are most at risk

Dr. Davy said there is no cure for the flu virus and as such prevention is key

She said a proper diet, exercise and rest can reduce the chance of infection and encouraged persons to seek medical care when they exhibit symptoms.

The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) said vaccination remains the most effective way to prevent the flu virus with safe and effective vaccines having been available and in use for over 60 years.

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