Roles of Tissue Culture In Medical Cannabis


The Tissue Culture Lab at Orange Hill will be playing a major role in the development of this country’s medical cannabis industry, and Supervisor at the lab Rohan McDonald said he pleased with the task ahead.

Speaking at the launch of the scientific research platform on medical cannabis last Friday, McDonald explained that there are three different types of marijuana, namely the female, male and hermaphrodite.

He said the tissue culture lab identifies the different types which will give the farmers in the medical marijuana industry the opportunity to have a profitable production.

McDonald said that farmers encounter different diseases of plants and that the tissue culture lab can help to identify and remove these diseases.

McDonald said the lab is now in the process of collecting seeds, which will be used for record keeping and future references.

The scientific research platform on medical cannabis launched last Friday is an initiative of the ministry of agriculture and the  Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI).

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