Good Relationship With The UAE


This country continues to benefit from the close relationship which it has developed with the United Arab Emirates- the UAE.

So says Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves at a news conference on Tuesday. Gonsalves who recently return from his trip to Dubai for the seventh world government summit.

The Prime Minister said SVG has invested a great deal of time and energy to cultivate an excellent relationship with the United Arab Emirates that Vincentians will be able to display their talent and unique products in Dubai in the 2020 world expo thanks to the close diplomatic relationship with the Arab nation.

The Prime Minster said thanks also to the close relationship with the UAE, a 35 member Special Olympic team will be in Dubai and will not have to worry about their airfare.

The PM took the opportunity to highlight the PAV Project which is funded by a grant from the UAE. He said this project is necessary for the development of communities across SVG

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