Customers Express Sadness About The Fate Of The Southern Grenadines Ferry – The MV Gemstar


The uncertainty of not having in place a ferry service to transport people and cargo from the southern Grenadines is no more.

The issue arose on Monday after the two main ferries which ply the southern Grenadines were forced to halt their operation.

The MV Gemstar which originally caught on fire on Monday, was towed out to sea Tuesday evening from Port Kingstown, after trying to get the fire under control for almost a day and a half, where it burnt over night.

As for the MV Barracuda, that vessel developed engine problems on Monday while at sea and was towed to Port Kingstown on Tuesday for mechanical work to be carried out.

As we hear in this report from Larisa Pugsley-Kydd, the Grenadines wharf, was buzzing with activities on Wednesday as persons were making queries about the ferry service put in place to transport them and their goods.

Persons also expressed their sorrow about the fire which almost destroyed the MV Gemstar, which was towed back to Port Kingstown on Wednesday as a shell of its former self.

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