Banana Revitalization Project


The banana industry has played a pivotal role in the economy of SVG for a number of years and with a significant investment it is hoped that the ailing industry can return to some form of prominence.

On Monday, the government signed an agreement with the Republic of China on Taiwan which is expected to facilitate the revitalization of the banana industry.

The project which is worth around 4 million US dollars is focused on increasing the unit input of banana plantations through the upgrading of farmers cultivation capacity and the capacity of the ministry of agriculture’s extension officers.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar said the banana industry forms part of SVG’s agricultural tradition which in the past created livelihoods for a number of farmers.

He said though the government has been diversifying the industry, bananas still remains an important crop to the industry.

Caesar said the revitalization project aims at improving the quantity of bananas for export and also boosting the production of products made from bananas.

The agriculture minister said he is confident that investment in the industry will lead to an increase in supply in bananas and that ministry will carefully monitor the progress of the project and secure regional and extra regional markets when needed.

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