Skills For A Better Life


 A Prison Officer at Her Majesty’s Prisons has expressed confidence in the programs being offered to inmates to assist them in returning to society as a productive citizens.

To date the prison service has provided inmates with skills in wood working, grass weaving, farming mechanical engineering, culinary arts as well as academic subjects such as Math and English.

Speaking with SVG TV news Corporal Glaston Pilgrim said the inmates are well trained with some having the opportunity to attained a level three certificate which will allow them to earn a living after they return to society

Pilgrim said along with fostering creativity the woodwork programs has created productive individuals.

The Prison Officer said the wood work program is examining ways to teach the inmates to use both hand and power tools to improve their chances of making a living when they leave the prison walls.

The female inmates are not left out as there are several programs designed to provide them with similar opportunities to make a living after prison.

Matron of the Female Prison Cassandra Mcfee highlighted some of the programs available to the inmates.

Three of the inmates took the opportunity to speak on the skills they have learnt and what they enjoyed most about the programs.

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