Barrouallie Vacation Program


Literacy and numeracy are of critical importance if students are to be academically sound and over 80 students from the Barrouallie and surrounding communities recently got the opportunity to sharpen their skills in these areas.

This, through a four week vacation program hosted by the Ministry Of Education.

Education Officer Arifa Ryan Charles said the Barrouallie summer program began in 2018 to provide the necessary assistance to students to sharpen their literacy and numeracy skills.

She said the program has grown since then, with an increase in the number of participation. Charles said with the support of the Peace Corps volunteers as well as local teachers,  the program has been able to provide the necessary guidance to the participants in a fun learning environment.

Charles took the opportunity to appeal to members of the  community and the corporate sector for their support , in order to improve the literacy and numeracy outcomes of students in the area.

Some of the participants highlighted what they learnt during the four week long program.

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