Promoting Education


The public service union on Tuesday awarded twenty four scholarships to its members’ children amounting to just over 29-thousand EC dollars.

Five  of the scholarships were awarded to children who will be entering secondary school, and the remaining 19 were distributed to students in forms two, three, four and five.

In addition, bursaries were also awarded to some 11 students.

President of the PSU Elroy Boucher highlighted the importance of education and the need to assist parents financially which he said is their way of promoting education among the disadvantaged.

Boucher said the scholarships and bursaries is one of the initiatives undertaken by the union to ensure it fulfills its mandate.

A former PSU scholarship awardee, Tishann Drayton- Nero expressed gratitude for the support received to complete her secondary and tertiary education. Now a teacher of eight years, Drayton-Nero encouraged students to make use of the opportunities afforded to them.

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