Shelter Managers Workshop


Emergency shelters play a crucial role in protecting persons during and after a natural event and shelter managers across the country are being trained to increase their capacity in dealing with current and future challenges associated with shelter management.

The three day training workshop which began on Tuesday at the NEMO Headquarters brings together shelter managers from both the mainland the grenadines

Director of NEMO Michelle Forbes said the over the last five years global temperatures have been on the rise which increase the risk of natural disaster.

She said as such it is crucial to retool experienced persons as well as to train the next generation of shelter managers.

Forbes said while the physical impacts of natural events are recognised. The psycho-social impacts are not often examined  and as such the workshop will seek to train shelter managers in addressing this problem.

Using the examples of the British Virgin Islands and Dominica which were ravaged by storms in 2017, Forbes said it is important to examine the impacts of the very young and the aged.

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