No Traditional Cultivators To Be Left Behind


Non traditional cultivators of marijuana who wants to be part of the country’s medicinal marijuana industry would not be left behind.

This was reiterated by Minister Of Agriculture Saboto Caesar at the last sitting of Parliament while responding to question by Opposition Leader Dr. Godwin Friday on how many marijuana farmers have been given licenses to plant marijuana  including traditional farmers and how many have been licensed to plant for medical purposed as part of a co-operative or individuals.

Minister Caesar said that it is anticipated that by September 15th this year 29 traditional cultivators of marijuana would be granted license in their own name while 10 local cooperatives with 145 members which include  traditional cultivators would be granted license as a group.

Minister Caesar further noted that out of the number of  persons who have been granted license  thus far,  eighty eight (88) 54% have their own land, 15% collaborating with families, friends and private owners and 41 expressed not having lands mainly from the north leeward constituency.

He said the ministry responsible for Lands and Survey reported that 16 persons have contacted them so far for the leasing of lands.

The Agriculture Minister further noted that there are over 200 acres of lands available for intensive cannabis cultivation which have been identified as crown lands and cultivators should be able to get access to some of these lands.

Minister Caesar also made it clear that the government has not given any land to foreign investors to cultivate medical cannabis.

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