Evacuees From Owia Grateful For Coastguard Rescue


Some evacuees from Owia share their experiences with SVGTV News on escaping the wrath of the volcano two days after it erupted on Friday April 9th 2021.

The Owia residents including an elderly man, were rescued by the coast guard on Sunday and are now at a Government shelter in Lowmans. 

The men are grateful to the Coast Guard for returning to get them out of the red zone noting that it was a near death experience staying behind.

The men said they stayed behind for the sake of their animals as some perished while others were set loose. 

At the shelter, Manager said all the evacuees are from one community and it has so far worked out well for them. He said they have tried to turn the shelter into a home for families.

At the last count, eighty-nine shelters with 4,136 occupants are now activated with some three thousand two hundred and seventy-five persons (3275) being housed in private shelter. 

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