In the community of Rockies in the Kingstown area, Rohan, Annie, And Ian Edwards all experienced varying degrees of damage to their homes due to landslides caused by the heavy rains.

Ian Edwards says after he noticed repeated landslides happening at the back of his home, he quickly rounded up his family of six, saving nothing but their lives; Ian jumped to safety carrying his three month old baby in his arms. The family sought refuge next door, but this was also short-lived.

Ian says he also lost livestock and the family’s pet dog who was swept away and buried by the landslide.

While the family is trying to come to terms with losing everything, Ian says officials including Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has reached out to him and gave him some assurance for the future. He says former Minister of Health Luke Browne has located a plot of land where he and his family can rebuild.

However, there are immediate needs for the family including food and clothing for himself, his wife, teenage daughters, a young adult son and a baby.

Meanwhile Rohan Edwards, Uncle and neighbour of Ian Edwards said he watched with horror as water covered his roof and began seeping through the walls of his home.

Rohan says while he is trying to salvage whatever remains in his home, a broken sewer has created further unsanitary conditions, making it difficult for him to rummage through the chaos that was once his home.

Annie Edwards’ voice was heard on the viral video which showed Ian’s house slipping away, moments before her own backyard slid away as well.

She says she was speaking with her son when the horrific scenes unfolded before her eyes.

The family who all live in close proximity to each other face the difficult task of attempting to relocate for their safety and starting afresh.

Members of the Edwards family expressed gratitude for any help that may come their way. They also thanked members of the government and opposition for reaching out to them.

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