About Us

SVGTV is part of the SVG Broadcasting Corporation. Our flagship product: SVGTV is a Supporter of sports, culture and entertainment in SVG. It was the vehicle through which St.Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation (SVGBC) entered the realm of telecommunications on March 2nd,1980. Our flagship product is SVGTV News with covers Sports, Culture, Politics and Entertainment on a daily basis through its Midday and Evening News broadcast. This milestone is a measure of the dedication and commitment of the owners and staff in taking the company from a simple repeater site reguritating programming from Barbados, to a media network that comprehensively covers the multi island state of St.Vincent and the Grenadines which provides information and entertainment primarily to the Vincentian market as well as St.Lucia, Northern Grenada and Western Barbados. SVGTV is an affiliate of the Caribbean Media Corporation, CBS and CNN.

Range of services offered

Entertainment for all age groups

SVGTV’s presentation of the Evening News, Sports, Sportsweek and Flashback keeps the nation informed while other programs such as Caribbean Newsline, Bold and the Beautiful, Video Train and Caribbean Passport Entertains as well as Educates.

Being a Media Corporation with comprehensive coverage over 92 percent of the Islands State, adverts on SVGTV guarantees maximum coverage thereby insuring full exposure the target markets for any advertiser. The dedicated and experienced Admin Sales and Marketing team can offer packages for ad placements to ensure that one receives maximum sales revenue on every advertising dollar spent.

Script Writing/Ad Voicing

The Corporation’s trained personnel have experience in producing effective scripts and the voicing of ads that get the message to the target audience.

Television Production

TV production can be done in the equipped and staffed in-house studio.


If you have an idea for a new programme, come in and pitch it to us! We are always looking for new ideas for local programming.